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Questions about the new systems?

Bus Information

Bus Routes can now be found on Safe Stop.  How does it work?

  • Student numbers are listed in Infinite Campus (see above for link).
  • When you have student ID numbers, a route can be established in the Safe Stop App.
  • Routes will become active later this week, as late as Saturday, August 24th. 

Registration and Pay School Fees

  •  Student registration and fees can now be seen and paid through the Infinite Campus site.
  • Emails were sent with an activation code to set up a parent account

PTA and Volunteer Registration 

How do I register as a volunteer?  Easiest way is to take your DL and have it scanned in the office.  

What are the volunteer opportunities?  Click HERE to register for PTA and see volunteer opportunities.


Jackson Elementary School

1300 38th St. NW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405
Telephone: (319) 558-2471
Email: gskogman@cr.k12.ia.us


bullying-stops-here Anti-Bullying and Harassment

Harassment and bullying of students and employees are against federal, state and local policy, and are not tolerated by the Cedar Rapids Community School District. The District is committed to providing all students with a safe and civil school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect.  A student (or adult on the student's behalf) who believes he/she has suffered harassment should report such matters to the certified staff / administration.

A student (or adult on student's behalf) who believes he / she has suffered harassment should report such matters to certified staff / administrators found at this link.