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Schalk, Corinne CSchalk@cr.k12.ia.us 319 558-1729  Kindergarten
Scheuerman, Jamie JScheuerman@cr.k12.ia.us 319 558-4591  1st Grade
Schwager-Wolf, Stacy SSchwager-W@cr.k12.ia.us 319 558-4534  Facilitator Special Education
Siniff, Jacey JSiniff@cr.k12.ia.us 319 558-1006  Early Learning Teacher
Skogman, Gale GSkogman@cr.k12.ia.us 319 558-3138  Elementary Principals Secretary - 12 mo.
Smith, Andrew AndSmith@cr.k12.ia.us 319 558-1627  Autism - B.d.
Swanson, Mary MaSwanson@cr.k12.ia.us 319 558-3894  Autism/Asper II Para
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