Jackson School History


Historically there was an "old" Jackson School located on Fourth Avenue SE, which is not too far from Mercy Hospital and McKinley Middle School. It was razed in the 1960's. That school claimed the Wright brothers and Maimie Eisenhower as some as its students.

The current Jackson Elementary School is one of the newer elementary schools in Cedar Rapids. Our building was dedicated in 1971 and occupied as an elementary school until 1986. At that time, because of declining enrollment in the neighborhood, the Jackson building was closed. Part of the building served as a warehouse for district supplies and another part was rented and used by a gymnastics club.

With a population increase in Cedar Rapids in the early 1990's, a decision was made to re-open Jackson Elementary in the fall of 1993. At that time, about 330 students were enrolled. Each year has seen an increase in the student body and consequently an increase in staff and services.  Citizens of the Cedar Rapids Community School district overwhelmingly supported a bond issue that funded a new elementary school.  Over 130 students were transferred to Viola Gibson Elementary School before the beginning of the 2002-2003 school year leaving Jackson Elementary with about 300 students.

Jackson is a two-story building with an open space environment. Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classrooms surround a cafeteria on the first floor. Third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade classrooms surround a media center on the second floor.

Jackson is located in a quiet, secluded residential area in northwest Cedar Rapids. Jackson's attendance area includes the surrounding residential area and the quickly developing residential area on the northeast side of Cedar Rapids. Our attendance area reaches out to include the town of Covington and the farming community in that area. Approximately 80% of  Jackson's students are transported by bus each day.